30s Lee Cowboy Pants 101 Reprint

30s Lee Cowboy Pants 101 Reprint

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1937 model
11oz Selvedge Denim
Right twill weave

button fly

Made in Japan = 日本製
cotton 100%

Edwin Co., Ltd.

reprinted in 1996

30s Lee Cowboy Pants 101 Reprint Button fly and back pocket

30s Lee Cowboy Pants 101 Reprint Top button and center red tag

30s Lee Cowboy Pants 101 Reprint Crotch rivet and cinch back

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Lee Riders jeans is a left twill weave.
This Lee cowboy pants have the right twill weave as Levi’s.

The silhouette is a classic straight

When to convert from work pants to jeans
Jeans with normal back yoke stitching are sewn with two stitches,
and these jeans are sewn with three stitches of work pants.

・Hair on hide patch
・Donut button (Engraved: Lee cowboy for front button, laurel for others)
・Flat rivet (engraved: capital letter LEE)
・Crotch rivet
・Cinch back
・Reinforcing cloth (bottom of back pocket)

No tears or holes.
Hair on hide patch with hair loss / shrinkage
Rub on the hem

In addition, overall feeling of wearing
There are some parts that cannot be expressed only with images and explanations.
little discoloration.
no problem in wearing.

If you think of jeans 25 years ago,
I think they are in good condition.

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30s Lee Cowboy Pants 101 Reprint Front side Rear side

Display size W34 L33
((It’s shrinking.Please be sure to refer to the actual size.))

Actual size
“①-⑥ Image 12”
② Rise  11.023 inch “28 cm”
③ Waist  33.07 inch “84 cm”
④ Hips  25.826 inch “65.6 cm”(Flat)
⑤ Thigh width  11.732 inch ” 29.8cm”(Flat)( Measure 10 cm below the base of the crotch)
④ inseam  30.70 inch “78cm”
⑤ Hem width  9.133 inch ” 23.2cm”(Flat)

30s Lee Cowboy Pants 101 Reprint Wearing image

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