60s CANTON Selvedge Slim jeans

60s CANTON Selvedge Slim jeans.

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” CANTON is said to be the oldest extant jeans made in Japan in the 1960s. CANTON disappeared in five years. Speaking of the 1960s, around the time of Levi’s 501XX, there is a difference between Cone Mills denim and Canton denim, but USA denim is used. Fade can enjoy the same coolness as vintage jeans.”

Cotton 100%
“The imported denim is made by Canton, USA.”

Made in Japan

◎ Silhouette

60s CANTON Selvedge Slim jeans. Paper label

60s CANTON Selvedge Slim jeans. Pis name

60s CANTON Selvedge Slim jeans. Selvedge in coin pocket
Selvedge in coin pocket

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・One side Selvedge Denim
・Selvedge in coin pocket
・Paper label
・Hem chain stitch
・Zipper fly ”TALON Zipper”

60s CANTON Selvedge Slim jeans. CANTON Made in USA stamp
CANTON Made in USA stamp
60s CANTON Selvedge Slim jeans. One-sided selvedge
One-sided selvedge

Good Condition.
No tears or holes.
There is a slight fading from the buttocks to the crotch. (image)
There is a slight fading spot from the crotch to the inside of the right thigh. (image)
Peeling on the surface of the center of the paper label and The paper is hard.
No problem in wearing.

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Display size W 32 L31
((It’s shrinking and may have been hemmed.
Please be sure to refer to the actual size.))

Actual size
“1-6 Image11”
We are measuring 6 places. But these jeans are pretty slim below the knees. Therefore, we are increasing the measurement 20 cm above the hem. Please note that the hem width is also narrow.
1 Rise   10.236 inch “26 cm”
2 Waist  29.291 inch “74.4 cm”
3 Hips  11.141 inch “28.3 cm”(Flat)
4 Thigh width  10 inch ” 25.4 cm”(Flat)( Measure 10 cm below the base of the crotch)
5 Inseam  30.7 inch “78 cm” (Measure inseam seams)
6 Hem width  6.417 inch ” 16.3 cm”(Flat)
Calf  6.574 inch ” 16.7 cm” (measured 20 cm above the hem)

How to measure pants size

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