80s-90s Levi’s 501 / Made in USA has become popular in Japan!

80s-90s Levi's 501 Made in USA
80s-90s Levi's 501 Made in USA

As of January 2021, I feel that the 80s-90s.USA made “Levi’s 501” is gradually becoming more popular in Japan.

Of course, “Levi’s 501” using selvedge denim before 1983 is popular.

The 80s-90s second hand “Levi’s 501”, which stopped using selvedge denim in the 2000s, was sold in stores for about $ 30.

Dead stock 90s “Levi’s 501” is now hard to buy for under $ 300.

The second hand “Levi’s 501” is not that high.

Even if it is in good condition, it is around $ 50- $ 90.

Rinse (washed from raw denim once) “Levi’s 501” can cost over $ 100.

From now on, 80s-90s “Levi’s 501” will be higher.

However, not like the selvedge model up to 1983 And Vintage XX.

It may sell for around $ 100.

Even in the 90s, it’s already 20 to 30 years ago.

It’s in the vintage realm.

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I mentioned earlier that the popularity of 80s-90s / USA made “Levi’s 501” has gradually increased in Japan.

Yes, it must be Made in USA.

And the number on the back of the top button is “555”

“555” is the factory number, made by Valencia factory

The Valencia factory is certainly famous among Japanese jeans fans.

But with the exception of some people, Japanese jeans fans weren’t so obsessed with the Valencia factory.

Maybe it’s the influence of the website or magazine.

It’s my personal subjectivity, but I’ve never felt a difference in jeans quality between the Valencia factory and other factories in the USA.

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