How to fade jeans “1994 Japanese fashion magazine”

How to fade jeans "1994 Japanese fashion magazine" - 1
How to fade jeans "1994 Japanese fashion magazine" - 2

Jeans fades are probably the most interesting thing for jeans lovers.

Of course, even in Japan, we are introducing how to make cool jeans from around this time.

There are three points in this article.

1, wear just the right size.
2, Manual labor.
3, Washing only with water without using detergent.

It’s the same as it is now.

In addition, the use of a clothes dryer that was not very popular in Japan at that time and such as using a detergent that does not contain bleach if you use a detergent are introduced.

I don’t know if the usage of “puckering” is correct.
The Japanese sometimes give English a different meaning than the original.

How to fade jeans "1994 Japanese fashion magazine" - 3

The article compares the fades of each jeans bran.

The fade of each brand jeans varies depending on how you wear denim fabric and jeans, how often you wash them, and how you wash them.

1998 Japanese fashion magazine “Boon”

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