SEWING CHOP by Johnbull

SEWING CHOP by Johnbull
“SEWING CHOP” is a full-scale replica jeans series created by Johnbull, a jeans brand based in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, in the 90’s.

My image of Johnbull is a brand that makes fashionable jeans rather than faithfully reproducing old jeans.

“SEWING CHOP” was created by John Bull as a vintage jeans line.

The first thing I saw was around 1990, and there were several models, all of which were raw denim.

At that time, there were many replica denim brands and I didn’t buy them.

Later, I got “SEWING CHOP” as a second hand.

Personally, the coolness when wearing it is better than Levi’s Vintage Closing.

I thought that “SEWING CHOP” disappeared in the 90’s, but it may be made from time to time for a limited time.

When I searched to write this article, I found a new “SEWING CHOP” jeans for sale.

However, although it is the same vintage jeans replica, as far as I can see in the image, the quality seems to be lower than the “SEWING CHOP” of the 90’s.

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