70s BIG JOHN 316 Jeans.

70s BIG JOHN 316 Jeans.

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TALON zipper
Red tab
Chain stitch “hem”

straight leg

Cotton 100% = 綿100%
Made in Japan

70s BIG JOHN 316 Jeans.Paper label

70s BIG JOHN 316 Jeans. Top button

70s BIG JOHN 316 Jeans. Red tab

70s BIG JOHN 316 Jeans. TALON zipper
TALON zipper

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Good condition.
No holes or tears.
No problem in wearing.

This jeans was manufactured in the 1970s
Big John’s “BIG-WASHING” (inside notation) began in 1968.

70s BIG JOHN 316 Jeans. Wearing image

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Display size  W 33cm L 32cm
((Please be sure to refer to the actual size.))

Actual size
1 Rise  11.81 inch “30 cm”
2 Waist  31.81 inch “80.8 cm”
3 Hips  112.047 inch “30.6 cm”(Flat)
4 Thigh width  10.63 inch “27 cm”(Flat)( Measure 10 cm below the base of the crotch)
5 Inseam  31.5 inch “80 cm” (Measure inseam seams)
6 Hem width  8.858 inch “22.5 cm”(Flat)
((Please allow for a small degree of error.))

How to measure pants size

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