• 90s Levi’s Chore Coat. Size 38 “M-L”. Duck fabric

    90s Levi’s Chore coat. Levi Strauss Japan Co., Ltd. = リーバイ・ストラウス ジャパンK.K. 100% Cotton = 綿100% 38 Inch = 38インチ Made in Hong Kong = 香港製 The Levi’s Workers series was in the 90’s. It was sold as authentic work clothes separately from Levi’s Vintage Closing. Most of the Levi’s Workers series at that time were……

  • BLUE BELL Champion Jacket. Wrangler 12MJZ and Maverick 45MJZ.

    Wrangler 12MJZ and Maverick 45MJZ, which were reprinted as Archives Wrangler in the 90s. Both jackets were made during Wrangler Japan and are made in Japan. Wrangler Japan ceased to exist in 1997, and now Edwin manufactures the Archive Wrangler. The details of both pieces are almost the same. TALON zipper, one chest pocket, front……

  • Repair 90s Levi’s 501.Repaired the back pocket, hem area, and other areas.

    Repaired the back pocket, hem area, and other areas of the 90s Levi’s 501. The items introduced on this website are sold at the ebay auction “denim-wing store”. (( This website page has not been deleted even if the product is sold out.We appreciate your understanding.)) Sponsored Links

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