• “Red tab” is a mark of Levi’s pride.

    The “red tab” began to be attached to the right back pocket in 1936. The reason is to be able to distinguish it from imitation products sold by other companies at a glance. Until then, other companies were also making 5-pocket denim pants reinforced with rivets, and some had arcuate stitching on the back pockets,……

  • What is “XX” in Levi’s 501XX?

    XX that comes after the Levi’s model number. I guess there aren’t many people who can explain what it means. . XX means “Extra Exceed”. It refers to the thickness, strength, quality, etc. of the fabric. Levi’s began using the XX notation in the late 19th century. At that time, jeans became common, and there……

  • 90s Levi’s Chore Coat. Size 38 “M-L”. Duck fabric

    90s Levi’s Chore coat. Levi Strauss Japan Co., Ltd. = リーバイ・ストラウス ジャパンK.K. 100% Cotton = 綿100% 38 Inch = 38インチ Made in Hong Kong = 香港製 The Levi’s Workers series was in the 90’s. It was sold as authentic work clothes separately from Levi’s Vintage Closing. Most of the Levi’s Workers series at that time were……

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