ARCHIVES Wrangler 11MWB Prototype “1947-48 model” Reprint. Made in Japan.

ARCHIVES Wrangler 11MWB Prototype
“1947-48 model” Reprint.
Made in Japan.

The original prototype 11MW is a rare vintage jeans and the production period is very short, from 1947 to the middle of 1948.

Details are as follows.

Left twill weave denim.
Vintage Wrangler jeans use Left twill weave denim.
Levi’s is Right twill weave denim, Lee is Left twill weave denim,
Same as Lee.

Arcuate stitch
The best feature of this jeans is the back pocket stitch.
Although it is Wrangler jeans, it is a back pocket stitch similar to Arcuate stitch on Levi’s.
Arcuate stitch was also used for Wrangler jeans at first.

The position of the leather label is also characteristic.
It is attached along the upper edge of the pocket.
And the “wrangler” stamp is the Inner winding wrangler.

And the “wrangler” stamp is the Inner winding wrangler.

The inner winding Wrangler has the beginning of the letter “W” wrapped inside.
It usually starts outside.

Even just the back pocket has a lot of details that are irresistible for jeans lovers, especially Wrangler jeans lovers.

The outside seam is the winding seam..
Vintage jeans often have selvedge on the outside seam, but Wrangler jeans have a rolled seam.
However, in the 1950s, the Wrangler 11mw also became a selvage.

“Sanforised” stamp on front pocket bag.
By the way, Sanforised is pre-shrunk.
“Sanforised” is the name of a shrink-proofing technique developed in the 1920s.
A registered trademark of Sanforized Company.
In 1930, Sanforized was registered as a trademark based on the name of the developer Sanford.
Today the trademark is registered in over 100 countries around the world.
Same as Levi’s Preshrunk.

The backmost belt loop is shifted to the side.
At that time, sewing machines could not sew multiple layers of denim.
That’s why the jeans at that time were moved to the side and the belt loops were sewn on.
Now it’s a cool detail.

Button fly
Sanforized denim is used, but it has a button fly.
Zipper fly comes out later as 11mwZ.

Straight leg
It’s a straight leg, but it’s slimmer than the Levi’s 5o1 of the same age.
Levi’s is work pants, Wrangler is horse riding pants.
The silhouette is different because the concept is different.

It is said that 11 of 11MW is from 11oz denim.
But I think this jeans is also about 12.5oz denim which is a little thicker than 11oz denim.

The 11MW was the first pair of jeans after the Wrangler brand started and reigned as the representative model of the Wrangler for about 20 years until the 13MWZ appeared.

From the material and shape of the inner display tag, there is no doubt that the jeans were made around 2000 or later, but it is not clear exactly what year they were manufactured.
But maybe before 2007.

In 2007, San Francisco-based Levi Strauss, Inc. filed a lawsuit in California’s federal district court for trademark infringement against Japanese replica brands.
The reason is that “the stitching and design of the back pocket and the red tab design are similar to those of Levi’s.

This sent a shock wave to the replica brand.
Until then, the replica brands that competed for reproducibility of vintage jeans had no choice but to change their concept.
This Wrangler 11mwB uses arcuate stitch.
After 2007, there is a high possibility that the arcuate stitch can no longer be used.

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