Denim products made by Japanese domestic fashion brands cannot be underestimated.

It goes without saying that Sugar Cane, Studio D’Artisan, Warehouse, Momotaro Jeans, Evisu Jeans, etc. are famous and high quality jeans.

However, there are times when Japanese domestic fashion brands that do not specialize in denim also sell high-quality jeans.

I think this is because some jeans are made in factories such as Okayama.

When you pick it up and touch it, denim, sewing, rivets, etc.

Sometimes I come across jeans that I think are cool.

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Not always.

Last year’s jeans were good, but this year’s is a little inferior.

In such cases, it is often not “made in Japan”.

This is to make it in a country other than Japan to reduce costs.

Make high quality jeans in Japan and sell them at a high price, or keep costs down and sell jeans with lower quality at a lower price.

It will be difficult to decide which is better for making a profit.

Those who are looking at this website will be interested in jeans.

You can tell the difference by picking up those jeans.

Some of the denim products we sell on ebay may sell such denim products.

Such denim jackets and jeans also have an interesting side.

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By Denim-Wing

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