Do you know Lee Surf Rider ?

Lee Surf rider Jacket
Lee Surf rider Jacket

Lee Surf rider Jacket

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Do you know Lee Surf Rider?

It’s not a storm rider.

It is a surf rider.

Imagine Lee StormRider in winter and Lee Surf Rider in summer.

Lee StormRider has a cowboy riding in a storm.

Lee Storm Rider tag

Lee Surf Rider is surfing.

Lee Surf rider Jacket tag

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The lining of Lee StormRider is a blanket for cold weather.

The lining of Lee Surf Rider is made of towel cloth.

The pattern of the outer material is Hawaiian.

The shape is the same as the LEE Riders denim tracker jacket.

Lee Surf rider Jacket Pis name

Lee Surf rider Jacket button

Lee Surf rider Jacket Hawaiian pattern
Hawaiian pattern
Lee Surf rider Jacket Adjuster "Cat Eye Button"
Adjuster “Cat Eye Button”

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I remember that it was made only for a short period in the 2000s.

Edwin acquired Lee Japan in 1987.

Since then, Lee has been planned and produced by Edwin in Japan.

Lee Surf Rider is also planned and produced by Edwin.

I think it was around the mid-2000s, a friend of Lee collector was wearing a Lee surf rider.

I “What is that?”
He “Lee Storm Rider”
I “?”

I remember this conversation.

The base of my knowledge is the USA vintage.
“Not so detailed”

I thought the surf rider was an interesting idea.

I haven’t seen Lee Surf Rider since then.

Probably only a small amount was made in a short period of time.

The Lee Surf Rider in the photo is a blend of cotton and linen for Outer Shell Material, and a towel cloth for the lining material.

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