I want to put “WHISKE RING” on my jeans.

Levi's 702XX.501xx. fade

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I want to put “WHISKE RING” on my jeans.

I’d like to wear jeans from something that hasn’t faded as much as possible.

If you have non-wash denim “dry denim / low denim”, then.

If not, I like to have as much indigo as possible.

Some people say that jeans they wear without washing are dirty, but I can’t stop.

But around this time, I came to think that jeans with brightly lost colors are also good.

I wear jeans even in the summer.

In summer, jeans with thin indigo look cooler.

Still, it’s better to have “WHISKE RING”.

In Japan, we sometimes use the word “grow” to wear jeans without washing them to make them look cool.

And I’m growing jeans again today.

I’m happy.

In Japan, the “WHISKE RING” attached to the base of the foot is often called the beard, and the “WHISKE RING” on the back of the knee is often called the beehive.
I don’t know how people in English call it, so I use it as it is.

90s Levi's 501. West 36
90s Levi’s 501. West 36

Levi’s 501 in the 90’s. Made in USA
Neither Selvedge nor the first color nor navy blue.

But I think it’s a Levi’s-like fade.

My just size is W32

Since I wore a large one, the beard spacing of “WHISKE RING” is wide.

BIG JOHN Lot1002 Shrink to Fit Selvedge Jeans
BIG JOHN Lot1002 Shrink to Fit Selvedge Jeans


Shrink to Fit

Selvedge Denim

I like this jeans the most for denim fades.

Jeans from the late 1990s.

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