LVC Levi’s201xx 1937 model

LVC Levi's201xx Front view

LVC Levi's201xx Rear view

LVC Levi’s201xx

 1937 model 201 reprint.


Cotton 100%


made in USA.



Selvedge Denim

Leather label

Button fly

Crotch rivet

Hidden rivet (back pocket)

Cinch back.

Arcuate Stitching where two sewing threads do not intersect.

LVC Levi's201xx Leather label
Leather label
LVC Levi's201xx Top button back engraved
Top button back engraved

made in USA.

((Made by Valencia Factory / Number 555 on the back of the top button))


LVC Levi's201xx Crotch rivet/Hidden rivet(back pocket)
Crotch rivet/Hidden rivets
LVC Levi's201xx Selvedge in coin pocket
Selvedge in coin pocket
LVC Levi's201xx Cinch back.
Cinch back
LVC Levi's201xx BIG E (red tab)
BIG E (Red Tab)
LVC Levi's201xx Selvedge

LVC Levi's201xx Inner tag

0797 is the date of manufacture ⇒ 07 is the month. 97 is 1997.


LVC Levi's201xx Sales website

In Japan, reprinted jeans from the 1990s to the early 2000s have become overpriced.

The same jeans,

(Product number 201 0003 in the inner tag and the image of Rakuten shop is the same.)

LVC Levi’s 201xx is also pre-owned and some shops sell for over $ 1000.

The image above is the page of a shop with Rakuten.

It is sold for 55,000 yen. (Approximately $ 528 / as of December 2020)

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