Wrangler 11MWZ 1955model

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model


zip fly


wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-Front zipper

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-Leather label

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-Roll stitch

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-Top button

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-Inner tag1

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-Inner tag2

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-Inner tag3

Made in japan = 日本製

cotton 100% = 綿 100%

Leather label  Cowhide = 革ラベル 牛革

VF Japan Co. Ltd = ヴイエフジャパン㈱

In Japan, Wrangler jeans are sold as a licensed product while changing the company from Wrangler Japan ⇒ VF Japan ⇒ Edwin.

VF Japan has been making Wrangler jeans for only two years, 1999 and 2000.

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-1

wrangler 11MWZ 1955model-2

Actual size

Waist  31.49 inch

inseam  31.88inch

Thigh width 10.944 inch(Flat)

(Measure 4 inches below the base of the foot)

Hem width 8.858 inch(Flat)

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