30s Lee Cowboy Denim Jacket Reprint

30s LEE COWBOY Denim Jacket

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・ Donut button “Cowboy engraved”
・ One chest pocket
・ Front pleats
・ Cat eye button “back adjuster”
・ Three stitches in various places
Work jacket elements such as shoulder / armhole attachment / chest switching are mixed.
Reprint of the transition period to Lee Riders from LeeCowboy.

30s LEE COWBOY Denim Jacket Donut-shaped button "Lee cowboy" characters
Donut-shaped button “Lee cowboy” characters
30s LEE COWBOY Denim Jacket Flat rivet "capital LEE"
Flat rivet “capital LEE”

30s LEE COWBOY Denim Jacket Front pleats

30s LEE COWBOY Denim Jacket Waist adjuster "cat eye button"
Waist adjuster “cat eye button”

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Made in Japan = 日本製
Cotton 100% = 綿100%
Planning and production Edwin Co., Ltd. = 企画・生産 ㈱エドウィン

It was sold in the 1990s-2000s.

30s LEE COWBOY Denim Jacket Tag "size medium"
size medium

30s LEE COWBOY Denim Jacket Tag "Made in japan"

30s LEE COWBOY Denim Jacket Inner display tag

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Good condition.(Mint condition)
No tears・holes
No problem with wearing

Display size Medium

Actual size
Shoulder to shoulder 18.11 inch “46cm”

Armpit to armpit 22.047 inch ”56cm”
Width of the body (measured 10 cm under the armpit) 20.944 inch ”53.2cm”
Waist (flat) 19.094 inch ”48.5cm”

Length (without collar) 22.637 inch ”57.5cm”

Shoulder to cuffs 24.724 inch ”62.8cm”
Armpits to cuffs 19.173 inch ”48.7cm”
Armhole (straight line distance from shoulder to armpit”flat”) 10.236 inch “26cm”

((Please allow for a small degree of error.))

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