Levis Vintage Closing VS Japanese Jeans

Even among those who like jeans, each person has different tastes.

People who wear only real vintage jeans.
A person who wears real vintage and reprinted jeans.
People who wear only reprint jeans
Other etc.

Fade, silhouette, jeans + boots, jeans + sneakers … etc

There is no end.

The bottom line is that you should have fun and wear jeans as you like.

Based on that, I would like to consider Levi’s Vintage Closing “LVC” and Japanese jeans.

It’s just my own subjectivity.
Please forgive me also If you have a different opinion.

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LVC 1990s Levi's 702 ”30s reprint” 140th anniversary Donut button and hidden rivet
Donut button and hidden rivet

☆ Levi’s Vintage Closing “LVC”

Levi’s 501XX is a typical example of vintage jeans.

“LVC” is a reproduction of Levi’s 501 of its own products by age.

However, it can not be said that it is far from Real Vintage 501, but it can not be said that it is close too.

This is because if you make jeans as they were in the old days, they will not match the present age.

Although it is not absolute, the more you go back in time, the more the silhouette becomes work pants and it tends to be a wide silhouette.

Faithfully restoring the silhouette will be for some enthusiasts of jeans lovers.

The current trend is slim straight or tapered straight.

Vintage jeans The original wide silhouette doesn’t sell well, so it’s not extreme, but it’s made thinner.

It’s fused and made cool.

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Japanese jeans brand
Japanese jeans brand

☆ Japanese jeans

Selvedge, button fly, hidden rivets, V-stitch “top button”, etc.

It is finished cool with the details of vintage jeans.

Slim straight or tapered straight silhouettes are popular in Japan as well.

There are many jeans brands with unique characteristics such as EBISU, STUDIO D’ARTISAN, Momotaro jeans, and sugar cane.

There are also jeans brands that are not sold in the world but only in Japan.

Among the jeans made by each Japanese jeans brand, there are two types of products that are strongly conscious of vintage jeans as they are, apart from such trendy jeans.

It is 66 type and XX type.

XX type is 1040s-50s Levi’s 501

66 type is around 1970 Levi’s 501

Most of the XX types are jeans based on the 1955 Levi’s 501.

A little wide silhouette with details of vintage jeans.

The 66 type is Levi’s 501 in 1966 in LVC, but it is a different recognition. ((For details, please see this page. ⇒ https://www.americancasual-wing.com/levis501-66model/))

The 66 type changes from work pants to fashionable clothes and has a sophisticated silhouette.

The conclusion is a matter of taste.

Both are still cool.

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There is one thing I think Japanese jeans are better than LVC.

It is, denim feel.

All of the Japanese jeans brand is not the case.

There are jeans that seem to have been well researched and restored from vintage jeans.

My idea is based on vintage jeans.

Feeling when touched / fade is close to Levi’s 501XX around 1940s-50s.

In Japan, the denim fade of “Levi’s 501XX around 1940s-50s” is said to be cool.

That’s why most Japanese jeans brands have 66 types and XX types.

Levi’s 501 66 type has “early half” and “latter half”.
((For details, please see this page. ⇒ https://www.americancasual-wing.com/levis501-66model/))

“Early half” is more popular than “latter half”.

That’s because the denim uses the same denim as the XX type.

In other words, the fade is cool.

This is the tendency of most Japanese people who like jeans.

I think that is reflected in Japanese jeans.

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