“WHISKE RING” is not understood by Japanese people.

It seems that “WHISKE RING” has the meaning of referring to the whiskers of cats and mice.

In Japan, it is called “髭 Hige”.

90s Levi’s501 Made in USA W35 1999 made WHISKE RING
Good fade “WHISKE RING”

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n Japanese, beard is Chin “hige”, mustache is mouth “hige”, stubble is Lazy “hige”, goatee is the same as Chin “hige” beard, whiskers are not known.
I don’t think there is a bearded person like whiskers.

Japanese is called by the name + “hige”.
“Hige” refers to everything.

Therefore, the “WHISKE RING” formed near the base of the front leg is called “hige”.

Japanese people call the wrinkles of the color near the base of the legs of jeans as “hige”.

“WHISKE RING” on the back of the knee is “蜂の巣 Hatinosu”

”蜂の巣 Hatinosu” is a honeycomb.

This is because the wrinkle fade resembles a beehive.
Back of the knee "WHISKE RING"

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Another word that Japanese people use to fade jeans is “puckering.”
((I don’t know if the puckering word usage matches the true English usage.))

The stitching of the fabric shrinks and unevenness is created.

90s Levi's 70506-0216 Denim Jacket Tracker jacket Size34 Made in USA Good Condition

The most prominent part is the selvedge part of jeans.

Japanese people like this selvedge “puckering.”

If denim like Levi’s 501 is right twill weave, the outseam selvedge will come to the front on the left leg.

70s Levi’s 501”66 model-latter half”
70s Levi’s 501”66 model-latter half”

It is said that the twist and puckering are cool.

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