Memories of jeans at that time

Levi’s 501Ⓡ66 model

Levi ’s Book (Catalog), Spring-Summer 1989

Levi’s Book (Catalog), Fall-Winter 2000

Replica jeans brand article April (1998 Japanese fashion magazine “Boon”)

Big john collection

BIG JOHN Lot.1002


I want to put “WHISKE RING” on my jeans.

80s-90s Levi’s 501 / Made in USA has become popular in Japan!

Levis Vintage Closing VS Japanese Jeans.

Do you know Lee Surf Rider ?

“WHISKE RING” is not understood by Japanese people.

Denim products made by Japanese domestic fashion brands cannot be underestimated.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing VS USA-made Levi’s “501 and 505,517”

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