Memories of jeans at that time

A comparison of the original 60s Levi’s 70505 “Type 3” and the 90s Levi’s 71557 “Type 3” 60s reprint.

Levi’s 501Ⓡ66 model

Levi ’s Book (Catalog), Spring-Summer 1989

Levi’s Book (Catalog), Autumn-Winter 1999

Levi’s Book (Catalog), Fall-Winter 2000

Replica jeans brand article April (1998 Japanese fashion magazine “Boon”)

Big john collection

BIG JOHN Lot.1002


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I want to put “WHISKE RING” on my jeans.

80s-90s Levi’s 501 / Made in USA has become popular in Japan!

Levis Vintage Closing VS Japanese Jeans.

Do you know Lee Surf Rider ?

“WHISKE RING” is not understood by Japanese people.

Denim products made by Japanese domestic fashion brands cannot be underestimated.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing VS USA-made Levi’s “501 and 505,517”

“Comparison” Wrangler 124MJ Western Jacket, Made in USA vs Made in JAPAN

Jeans, chewing tobacco fade.

One of the coolest fades of denim, the fade of selvedge!


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“Dead stock” 90s Levi’s type 2 tracker jacket. Size 40.Made in Japan.

Levi’s named the jeans lot number “50s”.

90s Wrangler Selvedge Jeans that are not Wrangler 11MW.

Levi’s 501 advertisement “1994 Japanese fashion magazine”

LVC 90s Levi’s 517. 1971 model “Saddle man” reprint. Big E. Made in USA.”

WAREHOUSE & CO. ” DUBBLE WORKS 27001” 50s replica, XX model.

ARCHIVES Wrangler 11MWB Prototype “1947-48 model” Reprint. Made in Japan.

[Tailor Toyo] SUGAR CANE Sugar cane denim SC40301. Made in Japan.

WAREHOUSE & CO.1004XX “1920s reprint” Made in Japan. A limited edition at a directly managed store.

90s Levi’s 501XX. ”60s reprint ”Made in USA. ”For over 110 years”


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LVC 90s Levi’s 503BXX “50s reprint”.